What are the available server regions that are near my country(PH) ?


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First of all, great service! I have friends who have never played Minecraft before who suddenly started playing and I thought I'd host a private server for us and I think I already had a fair amount of time spent in this game, and I have never hosted a Minecraft server before in my entire life. We were looking for ways how five of us can/will play together and get the full vanilla survival experience. We came across: hosting via server.jar and hamachi and that port forwarding thing, those didn't work out. We have tried the site [MOD REMOVED] where we kickstarted our adventure together and some other sites, boy they didn't go well as one of my friends started having problems connecting to all of these free hosting sites (connection was closed by remote host, or something), they keep timing out. I came across THIS website, which offers an actual server hosting that we can all enjoy together, for free! We had fun playing and I think it's time to stay in this hosting service and upgrade our plan as much as we can. The only thing that bugs us is the high ping. I have an average of 230 ping, and I am the one with the lowest ping of our friends group. I'm wondering what server is the closest to our country (Philippines) that we can connect to? Just for a heads up if ever I get approved for server change. I could not request a support ticket at this time because https://freemcserver.net/site/faq is currently down.

Any server hosting tips will be greatly appreciated as well!
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