Control Panel 1.13 - Mods/custom jar support is finally here!


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Today we have deployed version 1.13 of our control panel, this version brings the long-awaited feature of allowing you to run mods!

What MODs?
We don't block you to specific ModPacks, you can run any ModPacks you want.
Actually, it is a custom jar system.

Please note that our Terms of Service have been updated yesterday to regulate what you cannot run via this new mods system, any violation or abuse of the mod system will lead to immediate and permanent termination of the whole account, no warnings or previous suspensions will be issued.

Is it free?

Yes, it is completely free to run mods.
Although you need to have at least 1GB of RAM for obvious reasons, you will either need to have a "High Memory" instance or an active upgrade.

What are the requirements?
Apart from the target server having 1GB of RAM there is only one other requirement.
Your account needs to be verified, this helps us fighting multi-accounting (and some other bad stuff).
Account verification is free and can be done from the "Account Verification" menu from your control panel.

How do I enable it?
You will see a new "Custom JAR" option on the JAR selection screen, please note that you won't be able to select it if your server has less than 1GB of RAM or your account is not verified.
After selecting this option you must create a new folder in your FTP named jar and upload your desired jar with the name custom.jar to the same folder.
If your mod or jar needs any specific libs it usually also goes in the jar folder, although this may depend from jar to jar.


Can I have some credits?
Sure, here you go:

Please note that MOD support is an experimental feature and might have bugs/issues if you find some please report them and we will address it :)
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