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Today we deployed version 1.9.10 of our Control Panel, this version is a single (but massive) feature release.

- Feature: Support for plan based CPU limit
- Enhancement: Auto-Change High Memory servers to Always Online when an upgrade is activated
Until now our security agent would kill servers with a pattern of high CPU usage, but this limit was the same for everyone and all plans (even servers owned by admins would be killed, and @Duarib was mad about it)

Now we are able to have a separate limit per plan, so the higher your plan is the more CPU you can use.

For reference, the "Free" plan has a "Low" CPU limit, the same applies to "High Memory" servers.

You can see your CPU limit on your control panel:

You can also see the limit on the plan list:

If you press the "Buy Now" button you will get more information o the CPU multiplier:

So, what does the multiplier mean?
We don't use a set value for the CPU limit, this value is calculated in runtime and is affected by some factors, including but not limited the overall node usage.
Ex: If the node is under high load your limit is lower than if it's not under high load.
Now we apply a multiplier at the end of the formula so we can increase the allowance.

What is the formula?
That's top secret, we don't want to have people gaming the system.
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