How do I create a forge server?

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Follow the guide below only when using the custom jar option otherwise, you can use selected versions of the forge jar already available and updated on our control panel.

Follow the guide below to create a modded forge server:
  1. Go and reinstall the server and choose the following:
    - Variant: Custom JAR
    - Version: N/A
    - Environment: java8
    - Delete Files: ✅
  2. Delete everything using Filezilla or WebFTP, download an updated eula.txt file, and upload with no changes.
  3. Download the installer from the official Minecraft forge website here.
  4. Once the download has finished, double click the installer and choose to install the server and the file it should extract to. I recommend choosing another folder other than the default folder.
  5. Once the installer has finished, before you go uploading the files and folders, rename the forge-universal.jar file to custom.jar or IT WILL NOT WORK.
  6. Now upload the custom.jar, minecraft_server.jar and libraries folder using Filezilla NOT WebFTP as it does not allow the uploading of folders. Wan to some help with FileZilla? Go here.
  7. Restart the server and now you're done!
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