Installing Mods

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To be able to add mods to the server you would need a jar that is compatible such as Forge or Mohist.

Mohist supports both forge mods and plugins. Some mods might not be fully compatible with Mohist and some might break your server entirely (BE CAREFUL AND ALWAYS BACKUP).
  1. Get a Forge or Mohist server
  2. Start the server to generate the files/folders
  3. Go to curseforge website to download the mods here (Please download mods that have the same version as your server)
  4. Upload the server mods to the /mods folder via WebFTP or FileZilla (If you do not have a mods folder create it)
  5. Restart the server
  1. Install the Forge client same as your server version using the forge installer here
  2. Once you install the forge client, open up Minecraft and you will have a new forge version you have installed
  3. Upload the client mods to the .minecraft/mods folder
  4. Select the new forge version that was installed on the Minecraft launcher and press play
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