Event Mobile App Ads event, third edition


IMPORTANT: You must be using version 3.0.12 or above of the app, or else it wont work!

Starting now, and until Thursday night there will be an active event on our mobile app, during this period you will get 3 credits instead of 1 per each advertisement you watch, during this period the ads per day limit has been increased to 100

⚠️ During this event we will monitor the usage of rooted devices or emulators closely, any usage of those will lead to immediate account termination.

Depending on your location you should be able to watch ~100 ads a day, so you have the potential to make 300 credits per day

Additionally, the user that watches more ads during this period will get an extra 50 credits (if there are multiple ones with the same amount then the first one to reach the value will be the winner)

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