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Hello, good afternoon, I am writing to you because today I came to my house and realized that my server was turned off, I thought it was an error, but when I realized that I saw that the server when it opened, I received an error message that the server it may not turn on Even so, it is restored, the error continues and does not turn on the server, because when I left it it works without any error, it does not even allow me to enter the files on the web or by filezilla, I hope you have a solution without say nothing, I say goodbye waiting for your prompt response and solution

11.12 17:44:59 [FMCS] Starting server!
11.12 17:44:59 [FMCS] Configuration loaded for "Default"
11.12 17:44:59 [FMCS] Error initializing server
11.12 17:45:00 [FMCS] Loading server properties
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