Terms of Service, we are lifting some restrictions!


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Today we have updated our Terms of Service: https://freemcserver.net/site/tos

While you still have legally have to read and agree to them (and you will, the next time you login to the control panel), this are the main changes:
  • Orebfuscator is no longer forbidden (please note, that it still uses a lot of CPU, so it will most likely cause your server to be stopped, just not suspended)
  • We now allow you to use plugins that listen on a network port, as long as you configure it to listen on the 50000-51000 port range (if a port outside of this range is used your account will be directly and permanently terminated)
    • Votifier is now allowed as long as configured on a 50000-51000 port range
    • DynMap is now allowed as long as configured on a 50000-51000 port range (but due to its high CPU usage it's likely it will get your server stopped)
Please also note that any kind of remote console, bots (including, but not limited Discord bots), RCON are still forbidden and will lead to account suspension or termination.

Also note, this is not retroactive, so if your server is currently suspended based on one of the removed guidelines, you will still have to handle that suspension as you had before, and your "past" is not cleaned, so if in the past you were suspended for one of these reasons and in the future get suspended for another TOS violation your account will still be terminated.

These changes are in effect immediately.

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