[Tutorial] How To Install Simple Voice Chat To Your Server


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Just follow these steps to enable the Simple Voice Chat Mod/Plugin while using freemcserver.net as your host
Steps To Setup
Step 1: Server Setup - First Go to the Main Website and then choose from either the Free High Memory Server Plan with 4 hours of up-time (unless renewed) or the Upgraded Server Plan which is around € 0.70 (or 83¢ USD) per day (This should work with both)
Step 2: Server and Mod Version Selection - Depending on the version you go for some of the following steps may vary start by going to the reinstall tab and select delete files in the advanced options and then:
  • For Fabric: First, you'll need to request for your account to be verified (Link: Login) before you can even use a fabric server. this is because the Fabric Loader is counted as a custom jar that you'll have to download the official server jar, rename to custom.jar, and then add it to the server via FileZilla but before adding files make sure to follow the guidelines of the TOS
  • For Forge: Pick Forge Server type and then select the matching mod version and add it to the server via FileZilla (again follow the TOS or risk the complete disabling of your account and bans of any future accounts you make)
  • For Plugin: Simply select the server type based on the plugin's type (i.e. Spigot for spigot/Bukkit for Bukkit and etc) and drop it in the Plugins folder
Step 3: Run the server, Then Stop the server, then go to your Ftp area then go to the mod/plugin config file and set your UDP port to listen on a port in the range of 50000-51000
Step 4: Go to the advanced tab in your control panel and click ports. Once there add a UDP port with the number of your port put in the config file. Afterward, you'll see a thing saying that you must reinstall the server for the port to be added. do this by going back to reinstall and redo step 2 without selecting delete this time and hit reinstall⁺
Step 5: Start Server and Enjoy!

(⁺ = If the server goes into storage Steps 3 and 4 may need to be repeated)
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